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About Us

Havana Soup Kitchen was founded in 2010 in one of the impoverished communities called Havana in Windhoek, Namibia by Frieda Kemuiko Geises. Havana Soup Kitchen has a board of 7 members who are serving on voluntary basis to help HSK and its projects achieving their objectives.

At the moment, we have 45 children aged three (3) to six (6) enrolled with us for pre-primary education. Apart from giving pre-primary level free education to our our children, we offer breakfast and lunch every day. The children also get clothing from time to time, when we receive clothing items as donations.

The second project of Havana Soup Kitchen serves elderly people aged sixty (60) and above. We provide food parcels on a monthly basis to over 100 elderly people in the Havana community.

The third and latest addition to our portfolio of projects is Project Homework. The aim for this project is assist identified learners from grade 6 and 7, who are struggling with school due to lack of support.

Our Vision

Our vision revolves around committing to serve the most neglected communities, to educate, empower and help them develop skills to improve their living standards. 

Unsere Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure achieve our vision through community participation with trained staff, donations and sponsorship by hosting seminars, workshops and training. 

Our Aims

  • Render free pre-primary education to disadvantaged kids. 

  • Cater for the kids at least two meals per day and give them basic needs often. 

  • Empower the community to stand up against gender-based violence, sexual abuse, alcohol and drugs abuse and to refer them to professional social workers. 

  • Raise awareness on how to reduce worry and anxiety in elderly people and educate them on personal health

  • Empower women to become future leaders.  


How you can help!

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